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About learnlikethedutch.com

Learnlikethedutch.com is an introduction to secondary education in the Netherlands, where schools are currently in the process of personalising the learning experience. As a result of this process, the classical way that lessons have been given in the Netherlands for many years is now changing. By reading about and watching practical examples in Dutch schools, foreign teachers can be inspired about how to give lessons (Teach), how education can be organised (Organise), innovations in the school (Change) and exchanges with other schools (Exchange). For example, how do Dutch teachers provide coaching in the classroom? How do Dutch schools provide education that’s tailored to the individual? How do Dutch schools innovate? And what can foreign schools learn from working visits to Dutch schools? The answers to these and many more questions can be found on this website.

Read more about the Dutch education system.

Learnlikethedutch.com is an initiative of the Dutch Schoolinfo Foundation.

About Schoolinfo

At Schoolinfo we believe that schools know best what’s good for them – but we also reckon that once in a while those schools need to be pointed in the right direction. We help schools to innovate quicker and more successfully, and we are proud that many of the schools that we work with call us their “critical friend”. We always work bottom-up and demand-driven. When implementing our projects we help schools to plan, stay focused, and liaise with other schools that are working on similar innovations. As a foundation, we stimulate schools to share knowledge and experiences.

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