Video: “How do you help students to perform a task in front of a group?”

“How do you help students who find it difficult to perform a task in front of a group?”, teacher Roya Iranmesh from Iran wonders. Pieter Snel, Social studies teacher at the Tiener College answers her question in this video.

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Roya Iranmesh is a teacher at the Ayatolla Dastgheib in Iran. In Iran, boys and girls go to separate schools. The Ayatolla Dastgheib is an all-boys’ school with almost 800 pupils. The building is very small so lessons are spread over two shifts: the youngest 400 pupils start at half past six in the morning. After lunch, the eldest 400 pupils go to school. Roya teaches whole classes and it can be quite a challenge to get every child to join in.

This question was collected by the brothers Erik and Luuk Ex. They travelled from Finland to Singapore visiting schools and gathering knowledge on the educational systems in those countries. On their trip, they also collected questions foreign teachers have about the Dutch educational system for Learn Like The Dutch. These questions are answered in videos on our website.

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