Digital learning tools that help make dreams come true

Dutch youngster Gabriël Zwijnenberg is a gymnast and top-flight student at the Centre for Sports & Education(CSE). See for yourself how Gabriël is following time- and place-independent education. “The CSE is helping him to realise his dream.”

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Going for gold

Gabriël trains nine times a week, 24 hours in all, and once a year he participates in the Dutch gymnastics championships. “My biggest dream is to take part in the Olympic Games and win a medal in a floor or vault event. Perhaps 2020 is a bit ambitious, but I think 2024 will be a good year for me,” he says.

Digital learning tools

To make that dream come true Gabriël has chosen a school that can help him realise it. An important precondition for making this possible is the availability of digital learning tools. “For students with the potential to become top-flight sportspersons, time is a limited commodity,” explains Ruben Soppe, a teacher at the CSE. “This is why we make digital content that’s available 24/7, anywhere in the world.”

Anytime, anywhere

It’s thanks to the digital learning tools used by CSE, such as Magister, Elerna, Studyflow and Quizlet, that Gabriël is always able to continue with his studies, irrespective of where he happens to be. Gabriel: “At this school I can always work independently. I can do self-study at school if I like, but I can also do a lot at home or in the train.”

“I can see where students are and which assignments they’ve carried out and I can assess the quality of those assignments”

Remote feedback

Working within a digital learning environment also has advantages for the teacher, says history teacher Rudi Kamphuis. “It gives me control over what the students do. I can see where they are and which assignments they’ve carried out and I can assess the quality of those assignments. Moreover, I can give students feedback on these assignments remotely, enabling them to continue and learn from them.”

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